Gidi Girl Swag

Wsup people? Merry Christmas all! We know its kinda late *ahem* we got caught up in all the festivities.. Anyways we figured we'd give a late Christmas Gift.. the Gidi Girl Swag single available for free download. Enjoy and look out for something big On New Years Eve!

My Bad!!! The full version is up now

Download Here <------full song!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

TNT Campaign: GQ

So we decided to launch the Album Campaign, leading up to the album launch we have a series of photo sessions... "visual aids" if you will lol. The goal is to express our creativity by depicting what the album entails through these images...

TK and I have lined up some very interesting themes and ideas. The first, our spin on the popular GQ magazine....Fresh innit?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GW Show Pictures

Aii so we performed at GW back in November for their Taste of Africa Show, We had mad fun on stage as usual, but I(TK) was sorta thrown off cuz they changed the stage layout between soundcheck and the actual performance, needless to say my crowd interaction skit was messed up ( i still rocked it tho lol). Anyways shout out to everyone that came out to see us do our thing esp. our G-Dub people.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Want Your Body Single Cd's!!!!

'Sup people, we just got the single cd's hot off the press! and is also available for free download. Shout out to Yulia Gorbachenko on yet another crazy picture, our cover model the beautiful Ava West a.k.a "blondie" lol, a huge chunk of this shipment of CD's is headed straight to Naij but will also be available here.

Track Listing:

1. Want Your Body

2. Jalo Jasi ft. Que D

3. Gidi Girl Swag (snippet)

Friday, December 12, 2008

2420 "the basement"

Welcome to the official TNT blog. Your gateway into the life and times of your Neighborhood Super Heroes! Omo we are extremely excited about the blog project, we cant wait to let you guys in on the crazy stuff that we encounter on a daily basis as well as giving you our perspective on life and the music industry.

2420 "the basement" spawned from the address of the TNT headquaters (T-mac's crib), Batman has the bat cave, Superman has that crystal house lol and we have "the basement". Anyways through this blog, you get to see what TNT is up to 24 hours a day with 20/20 vision.


TeeKay and T- Mac

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